Search the phrase “how to pass a urine drug test” and page after page of sure-fire “remedies” instantly pop up. The question we think drug abusers should ask before trying these fail safe methods, though, is, “Do they really work?”

So, we thought we’d tell you why they don’t work so you can help spread the word.

The Back Story

The urine drug test was once the only available method for employee drug testing. It remains the most widely used employee drug test on the market. In fact, employees expect the urine test when learning that a company drug tests their employees.

However, over time, drug users became adept at discovering ways to “cheat” the test creating a false negative result. Of course, this compromised the integrity of the test results overall and led to the creation of the mouth swab and hair follicle drug tests.

Water it down

The #1 claim on the internet to cleanse drug metabolites from your system before a urine drug test is by drinking lots of water. There are some differences as to the amount you need to consume. Furthermore, we found that it depends on where you’re gathering your information as to whether the water should be lukewarm, room temperature, or on ice to best cleanse away specific drugs.

So, is it possible to cleanse drugs from your system by drinking an excessive amount of water?

No, it’s not.

Back in the early days of drug testing, it may have been possible to pass the test by increasing the fluid intake due to the excessive amount of water in the urine. That’s no longer the case thanks both to advances in testing technology and the increased sophistication of lab equipment.

Today, if employees try to “cleanse” their systems binge drinking on water, they’re in danger of diluting the specimen. It’s easy to do because creatinine levels in the urine determine when there is too little or too much water. We mentioned the sensitivity of laboratory equipment and it comes into play here. The slightest difference in normal and not is detected throwing a red flag on the test.

There are two different dilute test results.

  • Positive dilute—A positive dilute sample contained too much water and identified drugs.
  • Negative dilute—A negative dilute sample contained too much water but didn’t identify drugs.

The trouble with a negative dilute result is that employers may suspect the employee intended to mask their drug use. Some employers allow a second test, however, it it, too, is dilute, there won’t be a third test.


Another method to “cleanse” the body of those pesky tell tale drug metabolites is to purchase over-the-counter products claiming to remove all toxins from the body.

Of course, “toxins” is the code word for “drug metabolites.

Again, these products make false claims because the body cleanses itself at it’s own rate. If someone uses these products and actually passes the test with a negative result, they had sustained from drug use long enough for them to obtain the negative result.

End of story.

There’s no place like home

Home remedies, we call them myths around here, are backed up with testimonies of how well this or that worked. Some of the claims we found were pretty crazy.

Drug users try loading up on fiber—we’re shrugging our shoulders because we don’t get it either—in hopes that metabolites will exit the body faster through the stool. They take herbs such as Goldenseal root, chaparral poke root, burdock root, and red clover to cleans the blood… Again, we fail to see how that would help in the case of a urine test.

Clean blood equals clean urine?

We just don’t know.

Drug users try natural diuretics such as iced tea, coffee, Pepsi, cranberry juice, and even apple cider vinegar—blech! B-complex multivitamins are supposed to make a difference, but actually their purpose is to give urine a healthy golden color after being so diluted.

It won’t work. The laboratory equipment picks up on urine content, not color. Therefore, even if the sample slips by the lab tech when you’ve popped B-3’s before the test, if your creatinine levels are off you’ll still be found out.

Exercise does more harm than good

Drug metabolites stow away in the fat cells awaiting excretion. Some drug users believe the harder they work out, the faster they’ll burn fat cells, so the quicker they’ll clear their system of evidence of drug use.


Actually, the process is probably going to backfire on you. Working out does burn fat cells, but at they’re burning they’re releasing the now displaced metabolites back into the body. They’ll wind up in the urine at higher levels possibly causing detection.


We’ll answer the question now…

What’s the only true way to pass a urine drug test?

Of course, you know the answer to that.

Don’t use drugs.

Yes, we know. It’s far easier said than done if caught up in the throes of a drug addiction. But, there’s help out there for those who seek it.

Drugs in the workplace pose a safety hazard to both the abuser and to everyone around them. Accidents, serious accidents, can happen in an instant. Employers have a responsibility to provide their employees with a safe work environment. Drug testing is one was to ensure that they’re doing all they can.

If an employee tests positive for drugs, it may be the first true realization that they have a substance abuse problem. It’s pretty hard to sweep getting fired from your job under the rug of denial. A kind word of encouragement and belief in the fact that you know they can live drug-free might be a very bright ray of hope shining at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Does your drug-free policy include handing out a list of resources? If it doesn’t, you might want to consider it. Later, when the employee is at home and their eye falls on that list…

They might make a call.

We’ll hope so.

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